The actual Varde frog…

What’s the Varde thing about?

Ok, glad you asked. Actually, not really. However, if I do this now I may not have to explain it again.

It’s about a frog (obvs)

Yeah, it is. So, it goes like this ( sort of )…
Sat with my other Flash developer buddies ( remember Flash, kids? ) back in about 2010, we were contemplating a company name on which we would escape our life sapping banner creation jobs.
It seemed like the thing for web companies that you had to be called something which either involved an animal or a colour, or both. Give it a try. Google any random colour or animal and stick “Creative” or “Media” on the end and it will end up with some kind of web company.
So, we went through a few options: Oyster Creative, Clam Creative ( Clam Media didn’t seem like a good idea, but I swear it was almost called that!), Llama Creative etc.

In the end we saw a really nice stock image of a frog that looked perfect for the homepage and thought Frog Creative was a good one. Unfortunately, a brief Google search put paid to that idea. However, we really liked the frog so how else could we utilise it?

“I wonder what frog is in other languages?”

So, the next hour was spent looking at translations of frog. The winner of this particular contest with ( 30 points ) was Latvia.

Ironically ( is it ironic, I’m never sure) a few months after launch, the frog image we really liked and was the main feature of the first website ( we had bugger all else to have on it then!) ended up being used by what seemed like everyone so we ended up ditching it.
I did consider dropping the name , but I had already invested £6.99 on some business cards, so it was here to stay .

How do you pronounce it?

I hear it one of 3 different ways by different people and I never correct them, as to be fair, I have no idea either.

Nb: Yes, it is also an anagram of Vader, which is bloody cool.

*Parts of the above are based on my pretty slack memory of actual events, as to be honest, I didn’t expect 8 years later to be writing this shit down. I fully expected I would have proper job by now.*


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