My iPad Pro running the Korg M1 app

iPad Pro – A few months on…

My ageing workhorse the iPad 2 had been pretty much been relegated to a Netflix player and IOS browser testing device. I had said I wouldn’t get another iPad but was pretty impressed with the spec of the iPad Pro ( and the pen).
So, how is it?

I’ll be brief. It’s ace.
It’s a powerful beast so I’m running music apps off it with ease ( and really enjoying some stuff like the Korg M1 app ). For graphic work though, it’s becoming pretty essential. The Adobe mobile apps which link directly into Photoshop and Illustrator are opening a wealth of opportunities, and when you hook it up to Astropad (which I have just started trialling ), getting away from the mouse ( and even the desk) is a thing.

I still watch TV on it though…


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